The fifth volume of the journal consists of two issues. The first issue contains six articles, dedicated to a variety of subjects, and one translation. The second issue is entirely devoted to ancient cosmology and astronomy. It includes lectures by Michael Chase, “Discussions on the eternity of the world”, delivered in May 2011 at Novosibirsk, a Russian translation of a chapter on ancient astronomy from Walter Burkert’s “Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism”, and a commented Russian translation of the Elementa astronomiae by Geminus. These texts are prepared for the participants of the international school “Texnh. Theoretical Foundations of Arts, Sciences and Technology in the Greco-Roman World” (August 2011, Siberian Scientific Centre) organized by the “Centre for Ancient philosophy and the classical tradition” and sponsored by the “Open Society” Institute (Budapest).

Next issue of the journal (January 2012) will be dedicated to Ancient Music. Interested persons are welcome to contribute. Studies and translations are due by November 2011.

I wish to express my gratitude to all my friend and colleagues for participation in our seminars and would like to remind that the journal is abstracted / indexed in The Philosopher’s Index and SCOPUS, and available on-line at the following addresses: www.nsu.ru/classics/schole/ (journal home page); www.elibrary.ru (Russian Index of Scientific Quotations); and www.ceeol.com (Central and Eastern European Online Library).

Eugene Afonasin Academgorodok, Russia July 1, 2011 afonasin@gmail.com